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Inaugurated in 2011, the Paragolf School enables people with disabilities to learn to play golf.

Many investments have been made to achieve this:

  • Provision of an upright for golfers with reduced mobility
  • Provision of suitable clubs
  • Creation of paths on the course
  • Training of our pro teachers
  • Accessibility work in the club house

A programme of courses is in place from September to June. People with disabilities come to train on Tuesday afternoons.

These people come from the following centres:

  • The Jacques Calvé Centre in Berck
  • The Résidence des Fontinettes in Arques
  • ASCAI in Arques
  • The Stone House in Bouvelinghem
  • The IME of Longuenesse
  • The Foyer d'accueil médicalisé for deaf-blind adults in Calonne-Ricouart.

These courses, given by a qualified teacher, are entirely free and the material is provided. Since its creation, our school has trained more than 100 different people. 
Thank you to our partners and sponsors for their support in making our school possible.

Making golf

accessible to all

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